Future Expansion

We will expand the project into a variety of industries beyond the medical data field. There are a variety of potential industries and uses that we can consider for the SBTs, including the ones below. The CARE project is also considering making the SBTs available to use in various industries and fields, and we will work to further expand the CARE platform.

Phase2:Democratization of data

Examples of possible SBT application

  • Insurance policy
  • Loans and lending
  • Identification paper
  • Marriage certificate
  • Elections and voting
  • Proof of academic achievement
  • Ticket
  • Criminal record check
We are considering making the SBTs available to use in a variety of fields.
For example, a service can be possible, in which an SBT keeps track of the user’s hobbies, and as a result, the user can contribute to his/her favorite fan communities and industries. In this case, the SBTs can be used to track the user’s activity log. We believe this leads to the realization of the decentralized society (DeSoc) down the road.

Phase3: Managed Urban Development

And in Phase 3, we will develop an SBT-managed city in a Web3 space. This city is a Web3-based city where people are connected by the CARE project and live together with others who share the same values. We call this city "CARE CITY." We will develop this Web3-based decentralized society (DeSoc). New communities will be formed therein where like-minded people come together. In CARE CITY, an individual’s data are associated with his/her life, and the data will be managed as his/her own SBT.
This will help create an efficient online city which is healthy, safe, secure, and environmentally friendly. Only those whose previous histories meet specific criteria will be given the right to live in CARE CITY. Those people will be able to shop, work, and meet other people in online CARE CITY.
This is our city development plan to realize the decentralized society (DeSoc), and we will manage this city using SBTs.
Down the road, we will proceed with the integration of online and offline worlds. We will apply the decentralized society (DeSoc) realized by online CARE CITY to develop a similar society offline, in other words, in the physical world. By developing and linking the online and offline cities, we will create a world where soulmates gather and connect by soul.