Introducing CARE PROJECT

The CARE Project provides a service that allows users to manage their data, especially medical data, and then, the user can receive various benefits from this.
Users can receive their SBTs (Soulbound Tokens) and CareCoin by registering their data. The SBT contains the user’s medical information, which the user can disclose to medical institutions as requested. The patient’s past medical examination results and health conditions will be recorded on the SBT.
The information will be recorded on the blockchain as hash values and on-chain transactions, which forge new blocks. The data will be then securely stored in off-chain private data storage for the data owner.
◆User Utilities – The SBT will evolve based on Care’s composite criteria such as: a period of holding the SBT; the amount of information registered; information disclosure history; the number of CareCoins held; and a period of holding the CareCoin. Then, a user will eventually be able to access CareCoin’s utilities, such as the privilege to receive various benefits at clinics, exclusive items, discount vouchers, and event invitations.