I am a manager of clinics. From a management standpoint, the current healthcare industry is riddled with problems we need to solve. I have several clients at our clinic, and some chose to visit our clinic after visiting other clinics.
In this case, we need to newly conduct detailed examination of a patient since we do not have information on what type of treatment the patient has received at previous clinics, what kind of condition the patient has been in, and what type of treatment would be suitable for the patient. We, as a clinic, need to re-examine the patients to find out whether they have received appropriate procedures and treatments at previous clinics and what types of procedures would be suitable for them. If we have previous medical records of patients, we can reduce the time and cost of such testing and accept more patients.
From the patient's point of view, if this is solved, it will also be very convenient for patients in the event of lifestyle changes, such as moving to a new place, since they don’t need to retake the same test and can avoid extra effort when they visit new clinics.
So, why are electronic medical records not shared, although convenient for both parties?
This problem is attributed to a few people with vested interests currently dominating the medical industry and various other industries. Those people take advantage of the current industry’s structure and will not consider the industry’s development or user’s convenience.
The CARE project has started to solve this inconvenience and inefficiency in the medical industry.
The CARE project promotes self-directed control of personal information by individuals. First, we will start to work on health and medical information management at clinics partnered with the project, and then expand to manage payment information, provide lending services, and realize various uses such as voting and ticketing services. We will also create a decentralized society where individuals control all information of their own accord and submit the minimum necessary information when asked.