2023 - Product Development
  • Increase the number of SBT holders to 10,000
  • Expand facilities that accept CareCoin as payment, not only in Japan but also internationally
  • Issue intellectual property SBTs
  • Organize CARE project events
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Launch alpha and beta versions of the SBT platform
2024 - Increase Recognition and Expand Alliance
  • Cooperate with other business partners/services (medical institutions, insurance companies, universities, research institutes, and so on)
  • Launch a final version of the SBT platform
  • Expand the SBT platform to other industries (other industries than the medical industry)
  • Allow SBTs to function as membership vouchers at various clinics, gyms, and other facilities
2025 - Ecosystem Completion Period
  • Launch CARE CITY on a Web3 space, which will be an ideal city for the CARE community connected by SBTs
  • Expand a business alliance / As an SBT membership benefit, more than 200 physical partner facilities will be available worldwide