The Problem

Even in the Web3 industry, many centralized services, such as CEX, haven’t broken away from the Web2 system yet. Even every DAO has an operator and does not genuinely achieve a decentralized community.
And if we look at not only an online society but also an offline society, we can see that a situation is further off from decentralization. Our society has been dominated by just a few people with vested interests as mentioned above. As data is becoming more valuable, online service companies are constantly trying to collect our information in various ways.
Numerous inconveniences due to the centralized society also exist in the medical industry where the CARE project will first start. The medical industry has several uncertain areas, particularly in patient data management.
Each clinic has different management methods and systems for handling patients’ medical data, preventing the patients from accessing their past examination results when they need the results.
Furthermore, how medical data is managed by a clinic after treatment is vague to patients. Since the patients cannot transfer their medical records and medical data to other clinics and cannot keep them by themselves, concerns remain over medical data leakage, medical data misuse, and privacy violations.