The SBT is designed to evolve based on composite criteria such as: a period of holding the SBT; the amount of information registered; the amount of information disclosed (how many times a user has used information and how many times particular information has been used); the number of CareCoins held by a user; and a period of holding CareCoin. As SBTs evolve, the SBT owners will eventually be entitled to CareCoin’s utilities such as being entitled to various benefits available at clinics, such as exclusive items, discount coupons, and event invitations.
We plan to create SBTs integrated with IPs (Intellectual Properties), and this allows users to obtain SBTs featuring the IPs. We are also considering a system where users can receive items in airdrop events by holding their SBTs and users can change their outfits by wearing clothing items.
For example, if the SBTs features Dragon Ball, SBTs of Dragon Ball's Son Goku will be minted for users. The user’s rank will be increased based on the amount of data registered, a period of using data, and data-based contribution to the CARE ecosystem (This means, in the case of medical care, the amount of data a user has provided for medical institutions.). Users will be entitled to items and privileges in souldrop events. The users can wear items, and switch received clothing items. Users can keep their SBTs as if they were raising a pet. We are considering a system where when users are authorized, they can use their SBTs as admission tickets to CARE-related facilities and the right to vote in CARE-DeSoc, CARE CITY.


How can we get it? Can we earn it?

When an SBT is minted, a certain number of CareCoins will be distributed to the SBT owner, a user. The distributed CareCoin can help accelerate the growth and change of the SBT depending on how many CareCoins the user is holding. Depending on that number, the user can join draw events where CareCoins are souldropped (airdropped) with items. Users, of course, can also purchase the token on exchanges.
Also, when a company, for example, a pharmaceutical company or insurance company, needs data on a patient, those companies are allowed to tap into the patient's data by purchasing and holding a certain number of CareCoins. Then, a patient (user) who has disclosed his/her soul and provided the data will be paid a portion of CareCoin held by the company.

How can we use it?

Of course, this token will be also available as a payment method at clinics. Eventually, CareCoin can be also used in services provided by companies participating in the CARE project, which we plan to expand globally.
In addition, when a company, for example, a pharmaceutical company or insurance company, needs data on a patient, the company can gain access to the patient's data by purchasing and holding CareCoin. A patient (user) who has disclosed and provided their data will be paid a portion of CareCoin held by the company.
The medical industry is expected to be in higher demand worldwide in the future; however, the medical costs would be still too expensive for some people to have the necessary treatment. The CARE Project will also donate CareCoin to such people in need. Through the CARE project, we will pave the road for more people to access healthcare.
In the future, CareCoin will function as a token available to use in CARE CITY, the decentralized society (DeSoc).
We plan to burn CareCoin regularly. We will allocate to token burns, a portion of profits generated by selling the token, which will increase the value of the token. (On the BNB chain, a minimum of 0.4% to a maximum of 1.81% of tokens will be burned with an auto-burn every quarter)
Reference: BNB Auto-Burn